VEGA TSA– MPEG-2 Transport Stream Analyzer

VEGA TSA is an MPEG-2 transport stream analyzer for development and testing of MPEG delivery systems. Based on ATSC, DVB, ISDB, TR101 290, CableLabs VoD, and MPEG standards, VEGA TSA provides a microscopic view into MPEG-2 transport streams from structural hierarchy down to encoded bits. Its comprehensive feature set and debug information significantly reduces R&D and QA time.

Transport Stream Analyzer

VEGA TSA Features

  • TR101 290 Priority and CableLabs checks
  • Bandwidth, stream occupancy & packet distribution stats
  • Packet header, PES Header, SI, PSI, PSIP info
  • PCR/PTS inaccuracy and intervals, PCR jitter and drift rate, PCR frequency offset, PTS/DTS analysis
  • DVB subtitles, Teletext, DSM-CC analysis
  • PCAP and RTP file, ETV and EBIF stream analysis
  • T-STD buffer analysis, EPG view
  • Analysis of MXF files, structures, descriptors, KLV data
  • Detailed error messages along with standard violated
  • Create, store messages in XML format

VEGA TSA Standards

  • MPEG-2 Systems - ISO/IEC 13818-1:2007(E), ISO/IEC 13818-1:2007/Cor.1:2008(E), ATSC a65b, DVB EN 300 468 V1.3.1 (1998-02)
  • ISDB - ARIB STD - B10, Version 4.6-E2, ARIB STD-B1 Annex C, ARIB TR-14
  • TR101 290 - Priority Checks - ETSI TR 101 290 V1.2.1, CableLabs VOD: MD-SP-VOD-CEP2.0-I02-070105, ETV(OC-SP-ETV-AM1.0-I05-091125)
  • DSM-CC - ISO/IEC 13818-6:1998
  • PCAP - RFC 2326 (RTSP), RFC 3261 (SIP), RCF 3984 (H.264), RCF 4629 (H.263), RFC 2327 (SDP), RFC 3550 (RTP)
  • DVB-H - ETSI EN 301 192 V1.4.1
  • DVB Subtitle - ETSI EN 300 743 V1.3.1
  • Teletext - European Telecommunication Standards ET300706

Trial Version of VEGA - TSA

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